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Arijit’s Official Blog || Programming Blog

Hi Everyone, I am Arijit Sen, a B.Tech Computer Science Graduate, an Open Source Enthusiast, a programming geek, a hacker, a blogger and a little of pretty much other stuffs related to the gigantic field of computer science.

Well I just decided to write up new and interesting posts around my blog to everything and anything related to programming, web development, gaming, hacking, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Structures, Algorithms, Linux, Unix, Shell and pretty much everything else as I go on learning.

You will also find a plenty of code snippets, solutions to several problems and of-course a lot of tutorials related to Web Development, Programming and lot others.

Please do post up a comment on any of the problem you face or any sort of tutorial or post you would like to see. I will try my best to solve it and help out as soon as possible.