Top 5 Reasons Why to choose Linux as a Developer

Why to choose Linux as a Developer

If you are an aspiring developer this question must have occurred to you at least once. But then you must have been wondering if I should really switch to Linux from Windows ? So, let me help you with it. I will give you Top 5 Reasons Why you should choose Linux as a Developer.

#5. No Antivirus Required: Well a lot of advanced users and hackers may argue with my point but they won’t deny your average linux system is far less prone to viruses, trojans and other malwares. There are very less malware targeted to Linux Systems system because of a few reasons:

  1. Less Popularity as compared to Windows.
  2. It’s Open Source and if some exploit is discovered then it’s very soon patched by applying the security updates.
  3. Software Repos and Package Managers: Unlike Windows you download the softwares through the official repositories by the package managers.


#4. No Bugging About Updates: When I was using Windows, I was tired when my system suddenly started installing the updates and when it finished I faced troubles with the system (blue screen of death, random crashes, damn slow sytem). I am pretty sure most of you must have faced the same trouble. Well in Linux there won’t be any sort of trouble like that. Even if you update the system you won’t even require any sort of restart.

#3. Free Free Free: Oh yes, Everything you install on Linux is free. No need to download any sort of pirated and crack softwares anymore. No need to worry about expiring licenses.

#2. Customization: Want to automate your boring stuffs like organizing your music or video files. Or, want to remove a list of duplicate files at a scheduled time ? Want to create a new graphical user interface or terminal ? Yes, you can do them all. Linux gives you full power to tweak as per your need.

#1. Preloaded Softwares and Drivers: No need to install any drivers or softwares once you install linux. Most of the basic stuffs comes preinstalled including editors, office suite, compilers etc.

I have been using linux for quite a few months and I would personally recommend my fellow readers to give a try to linux. I am pretty sure you won’t be going back to Windows once you get a taste of the Linux Flavors.