Which Programming Language should I Learn First ?

Which Programming Language should I Learn First ?

Well this question pops out pretty often especially for the new learners and programmers. You must have stumbled across a dozens of sites searching for the answers and you might have got a lot of answers and therefore you might be much more confused than ever.

So, I won’t be discussing all the pros and cons of each and every language. Since, “programming language is just a tool to communicate with the system”. To simply put that, it doesn’t matter which language you choose you can do the things you want in any language. The choice of your language doesn’t really matter.

But that said why do we have so many different programming languages and why do we need them ?

The answer is simple. Why do we need different blades in a swiss knife? The answer is same. To be more productive. Each and every language has certain merits and demerits. You just can’t judge any language as good or bad.

Ok, Enough of the chit-chat let’s get to the main point which language to choose as a beginner? Well I would recommend you to start learning either Python or Java. Both are really very simple and easy to learn though I would prefer the former because of it’s simple syntax and less amount of learning time. Python is really great when comes to its learning curve since you don’t have to worry about a lot of things which I will cover in my next post.