How to install WordPress in Localhost ?

How to install WordPress in Localhost ?

Hi everyone, I recently came across this question. Those who are unaware of WordPress. it is a CMS (Content Management System) which helps us to create blogs and websites. Creating websites and blogs are pretty easy and doesn’t require much of coding knowledge though knowledge of coding will help you in improving your site a lot.

WordPress is used in various sectors like, Blogging, Making E-Commerce Websites, Travel Journals, Portfolio Website and a Lot more. Because of it’s so easy to maintain and handle it has gained a lot of popularity over the years.




Anyways let’s get started on how to install WordPress in your Bitnami LAMP Stack. (Localhost Server). If you don’t have any idea then please go through this tutorial to learn how to install it first.

How to install Bitnami LAMP Stack ? 

Assuming you have successfully installed it. Now let’s move how to install the WordPress on the localhost.

  1. Download wordpress from the official site.
  2. Extract the files and paste them in the installation directory of Lamp Stack ie, <lamp install directory>/apache2/htdocs/
  3. Rename the extracted wordpress folder to WordPress.
  4. Start the Server.
  5. Got to localhost:8080 or localhost: <your port number>
  6. Follow through the guided setup. If it asks for database. Open up a new tab go to localhost: <your port number>/phpmyadmin
  7. Create a new database and save it.
  8. Go back to your WordPress installation Tab and finish the installation with the same Database name and details.
  9. Now you have successfully installed your wordpress in your localhost to experiment.

I will be attaching a video of the same very soon. Please do post if you have any queries regarding it.